Galactus Translations is a translation agency whose work includes the Translation of specialized texts, Transcriptions of old texts and in-company Courses in Italian for foreigners. It was created in 1999 and can depend today on a wide network of qualified, trustworthy professional collaborators.


Galactus Translations and Transcriptions Agency in Milan

We provide a meticulous service for the translation of specialized texts with the collaboration of translators belonging to professional associations.

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Translation and transcription agency – Galactus offers transcription and transliteration services of ancient texts with the collaboration of professional experts in the paleographical and historical field

We provide a service for the transcription and transliteration of ancient texts with the collaboration of professionals expert in the palaeographical and historical sector.

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Translation agency – Courses of Italian for Foreigners – Galactus Translations organizes courses in Italian language and culture for foreigners in Milan, held directly in the workplace and service agencies or on Skype.

We organize courses in Italian language and culture directly in the workplace, in company offices and at family services agencies.

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Because we put quality first.

Our priority is to satisfy the customer. To guarantee this, we accept an assignment only if we are sure we have the time needed to handle, perform and revise the work as thoroughly as possible before delivering it.
The world of translation can be slow, too.

Because we’ve been on the market since 1999.

And we’ve lived through many changes in these years. From documents received via fax and delivered by hand on floppy discs, to work on Cloud. From audio cassettes to e-learning platforms. We value what the past has taught us, but we have kept pace with the times.

Because we put technology at the service of skill.

Not the opposite. When we begin a job, the first computer we switch on is the thinking human brain, because it is creative and able to interpret the things that aren’t said. We ask technology to supplement, support and improve our human performance, not to take its place entirely.

Because our prices are fair.

Our price lists take into account the type of work required and the excellent skills of our collaborators. Out of respect for their professional capacities, rock bottom prices are not part of our philosophy. We strike the right balance between costs and quality of work.



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