Traduzioni Tecniche e petrolchimiche - Le Energie Rinnovabili e Sostenibili sono il futuro. Galactus Traduzioni ha collaborato con produttori di impianti eolici, fotovoltaici, geotermici e a biomassa per la traduzione delle loro documentazioni tecniche


The sustainable energy sector is expanding strongly.

In recent years we have received numerous requests for technical translations from companies producing photovoltaic, wind-power, geothermal and biomass plants: Our experience in this sector has grown by the year and enables us to offer a high-quality, professional service in this sector.

Translation of catalogues, sites, presentations and technical descriptions concerning:

• Photovoltaic and wind-power plants
• Industrial and special waste processing
• Waste-to-energy incinerators
• Hydraulic and thermal hydraulic plants
• Thermodynamic solar power plants
• Biomass plants