Before proceeding with a full-scale transcription and/or transliteration of an old text, prospective clients should consider the following services provided by Galactus to help meet their needs:

subject indexing: identification, with a word or a definition, of the general content of the document;

thematic research: a general reading of the selected documents to verify the presence or not of the information sought by the client. At the end of this phase, the client will be able to decide whether to proceed with transcription/abstracting;

abstracting: once the information relevant to the research has been identified, a summary is made of the content of each page or document;

These alternative services mean that it is possible to obtain a general knowledge of the document without necessarily proceeding to a long and costly transcription of the entire text which, at times, may be of little use for the purposes of the client’s research.

The work can be done on original documents or on a legible digital reproduction provided by the client. If it is necessary to work with the original, the client must indicate the item to be sought in the archive. In this case, it may be necessary to allow for the archivist’s board and lodging expenses.

Our archivists and transcribers are at your complete disposition to respond optimally to your requests. Without obligation.