Why GloB?

GloB - Notizie e curiosità dal mondo delle traduzioni, delle trascrizioni e delle lingue in generale - il nostro occhio sul mondo

Maybe you’re wondering why we’ve decided to call this space, dedicated to news and curiosities from the world of languages, GloB instead of the usual Blog.

Precisely because Blog is “usual”, first of all. It seemed to us banal, over-used. Everybody has a blog, everybody becomes a blogger or an Influencer.

We were looking for a new title, captivating and creative, one that would reflect the intentions of the writers of future posts and would at the same time recall the world of foreign languages and culture.

We mulled over a good many solutions. We even launched an opinion poll on our Facebook page. In the end, the choice fell on a simple but brilliant proposal put forward by a journalist colleague: make an anagram of B-l-o-g , exchanging the first and last letters. And so G-lo-B, was born – a section of the site reserved for comments from all over the glob-e dedicated to the world of translations, transcriptions, Italian for foreigners and languages in general.
Happy reading!