Where the name Galactus comes from

Galactus è un personaggio dei fumetti Marvel sempre affamato di nuovi mondi, nuove lingue e conoscenze. Anche noi lo siamo e abbiamo scelto questo nome

Galactus is a character from the world of Marvel Comics, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. He appeared for the first time in issue 48 of “The Fantastic Four”, in March 1966.

He is a complex figure. In order to nourish himself, he has to continually devour worlds rich in life. For this reason he is also called the Devourer of Worlds or the Destroyer.. When Galactus felt his first pangs of hunger, he chose to devour uninhabited planets. As time went by, his strength grew and his energy needs with it, compelling him to destroy the first civilized planets.

After devouring several planets, he turned towards Earth. Thanks to Silver Surfer, our planet was saved but Silver Surfer, as a punishment for defending us, was sent into exile.

Galactus is a force of nature, a being on whom depends the equilibrium of the universe. He possesses unbounded cosmic powers, such as the ability to create matter from the energy in his possession, or to move planets and galaxies. He is invulnerable and has irresistible strength. He is considered, in fact one of the most powerful characters of the Marvel universe. His power is so great that, except when he is tired and weakened by hunger, none but the Celestials can counter him because he has the most advanced technologies of the universe at his beck and call, such as the Ultimate Nullifier, an enormously powerful destruction device.

Maybe in 2020 we’ll admire him at the cinema. His figure will possibly be included among the characters of the new program of Marvel films.

Galactus Translations has taken its inspiration from this powerful and fascinating cartoon character, paying homage to him. In rather the same way, we are attracted by new worlds, new languages and new horizons. We like to think we are navigating in an infinite space, without limits or barriers, avid seekers of new knowledge.